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  • Halo 5 Confirmed in Xbox One Trailer


    Update: The video has since be set to private and can no longer be viewed.

    For a few months now, Microsoft has gone around denying that the new Halo was going to be called Halo 5. All they said was that it was going to be a Halo game for Xbox One.

    Today, some new light was shed on their denials. The teaser trailer from E3 has been re-uploaded by Axis Animation to Vimeo. As you can see from the screenshot above, Halo 5 is now clearly in the trailer!

    What do you think? Were you expecting a different Halo game?

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  • First Details of Halo 5 Story Emerge

    A pre-order description for the new Halo game for Xbox One was recently seen on the Microsoft Store. The upcoming game for the Xbox One may or may not actually Halo 5. Either way, it gives a small glimpse into a possible storyline.


    Microsoft has (of course) denied that these details are true.

    What do you think?

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  • Halo 5 Info Leaked?

    Several new campaign details may have been potentially leaked for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive title, “Halo 5.” According to a post from the NeoGAF forum on July 4, the first-person shooter will add an open-world element to the series as Master Chief will be able to explore approximately six to eight planets in the campaign. Each of the levels has its own set of main objectives and side missions. Because of these additions, the sequel could be three to five times longer than the story mode of “Halo 4.”

    You can read all of the leaked information by clicking here!

    Microsoft Studios has not yet provided any story details so far in regards to the sequel. The company has only confirmed that the Xbox One video game will be running at 60 frames per second in addition to taking advantage of the dedicated servers.

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  • Halo 5 Confirmed – Halo 5 Trailer!

    Halo: Watch the official announcement that Halo is coming exclusively to Xbox One. Your Journey Begins on Xbox One in 2014.

    Halo 5 was announced for Xbox One at today’s Microsoft E3 press conference.

    The game, running at 60fps for the first time in the series history, was said to be “enhanced” by the new console’s cloud gaming, with dedicated servers for its multiplayer component.

    The teaser trailer shown at the press conference showed a figure skulking through snowy terrain in a hooded sheath, before the figure removes his hood to reveal himself to be… Master Chief.

    The trailer then cut to a huge spaceship ascending down upon the Chief, before it cut to an obligatory close-up shot of the Spartan’s visor.

    The game is exclusive to Xbox One.

    Source – Crave Online

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  • Halo Television Series in Works

    In a surprise move at Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement Tuesday, the company revealed that it has partnered with Hollywood director Steven Spielberg to create a live-action television series based on the long-time Xbox-exclusive first-person shooter franchise “Halo.”

    Speaking alongside Microsoft’s entertainment and digital media president Nancy Tellem, Bonnie Ross, studio head at “Halo” developer 343 Industries, said that she looks forward to merging “the storytelling magic of television with the interactive innovation of Xbox One.”

    Then Spielberg himself took the stage, albeit digitally.

    “For me, the Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth-making meet to create something really groundbreaking,” Spielberg said, speaking on screen.

    As part of Microsoft’s general push to recreate its flagship gaming console as an all-in-one home entertainment device, Xbox Entertainment Studios plans to apply a game development model to producing original TV-style programming such as movies, sitcoms, live events and digital shorts.

    Previously, 343 and Microsoft worked with director Stewart Hendler to create a web-series, “Forward Unto Dawn,” to complement the release of last year’s “Halo 4.” This would be the first feature-length (or, more properly, TV-length) live-action production for the popular “Halo” franchise — not to mention the first to attract a director of Spielberg’s stature.

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